Optisys Fabricates World’s Largest Monolithic 3D Printed Antenna

Optisys Fabricates World’s Largest Monolithic 3D Printed Antenna

Optisys announced that they have completed the development and production of an ultra-large flat panel slotted antenna tile for use at sea, on the ground, in the air and for satellite applications. The antenna is 0.75 meters long and was printed as one continuous piece of metal using DMLS equipment, a technology that is core to Optisys unique product offering.

The ultra-large tile can form the basis for a much larger array, made up of many of these building blocks and is suitable for any application already covered by Optisys technology from sea to space. The flat panel slotted antenna was chosen as a development piece because of its reliance on flatness and tight tolerances, attributes which are challenging to achieve on such a large scale using 3D metal printing.

Optisys has been developing ways to increase the size and cost efficiency of large array offerings. This marks the conclusion of an incredible R&D effort to obtain this capability. Their successful production of this antenna, and the information gained in doing so, further extends its capability over legacy technology and competitors.

Michael Hollenbeck, CTO of Optisys, stated that they can produce any antenna size and radar array, using tiles like this, for some time now. However, this development brings a new level of cost effectiveness and they have demonstrated their scalability to truly ground breaking sizes.

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