Murata and pSemi Collaborate with EvoNexus to Support Innovative 5G and IoT Companies

Murata and pSemi Collaborate with EvoNexus to Support Innovative 5G and IoT Companies

Global leaders Murata Electronics and pSemi, a Murata company, announced they are teaming up with nonprofit technology incubator, EvoNexus, to provide opportunities for a select number of growth companies to explore engagement in the areas of product development, manufacturing support, licensing, channels to market, investment or other forms of collaboration. From now through August 31, organizations developing disruptive 5G, IoT, Digital Healthcare, Energy, and Mobility technologies are invited to apply.

Utilizing EvoNexus' MarketLink platform, emerging companies aligned with Murata's and pSemi's strategic initiatives and competencies can apply at no cost to virtually meet with the senior management teams of these established leaders in the electronics industry. Upon acceptance, companies will be contacted to schedule a virtual meeting and refine the agenda and framework for the discussion.

Murata is committed to being at the forefront of innovation, not only through its proprietary technologies, processes, and products but also in collaborative relationships. The EvoNexus MarketLink program is an extraordinary platform for them to have a dialogue with the innovative companies that will be defining the future of the connectivity, healthcare, energy, and mobility markets. 

This program enables pSemi and Murata to remain competitive in the transformative technologies that are shaping a new normal and a post-pandemic future. The global scope and leadership that both Murata and pSemi bring to the table are immense. 

EvoNexus is excited to connect the dots and put emerging companies in direct contact with these electronics leaders who can have a tangible impact on their business.

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