ETS-Lindgren Introduces RF Shielded Windows with High-Visibility for MRI Facilities

ETS-Lindgren Introduces RF Shielded Windows with High-Visibility for MRI Facilities

ETS-Lindgren's ClearShield™ S-Glass Radio Frequency (RF) Shielded Windows are high-visibility, architectural windows that will expand the horizons of MRI shielded enclosure. The Clearshield Window Wall’s RF attenuating properties block RF interference while providing clear views of the surrounding landscape. They feature a dynamic privacy option incorporated directly into the glass, eliminating the need for blinds or ancillary window coverings. The RF shielding treatment on windows can protect the MRI facility and personnel from potential adverse effects that may affect the quality of both patient care and the images produced by the magnet.

ClearShield™ S-Glass uses unique Liquid Crystal (LC) technology embedded in the window's glass. S-Glass enables MRI facility personnel to convert the glass from transparent to opaque easily, with a simple switch. Further, ETS-Lindgren's S-Glass includes a DMX controller providing the ability to set and change the level of opaqueness of the glass. 

"We've been providing RF shielding of MRI facilities for decades now, and the challenge remains the same — deliver high quality shielding to protect the magnet and ensure high quality images while at the same time provide an attractive, calming environment for patients and MRI personnel," said Joel Kellogg, ETS-Lindgren's Director of Business Development for Healthcare, Industry & Government. "With ClearShield S-Glass, we can do both. MRI facility management are assured the magnet performance is not compromised with the addition of a window, while the appearance of the facility is enhanced. MRI personnel can easily provide privacy when needed, and a clear view when visibility is preferred.  The environment can be changed quickly depending on the desired patient care."

The patented ClearShield™ design offers the industry’s best combination of performance and clarity. The individual window designs are made of extruded aluminum with a double layer of RF shielding screen. The double layer of safety glass provides superior visibility and enhanced acoustic properties.

ClearShield™ S-Glass is available on all ETS-Lindgren windows, including windows located on RF Shielded Doors, and ClearShield™ RF Shielded Windows. All ClearShield S-Glass RF Shielded Windows are available in standard as well as custom sizes to meet customer-specific installation requirements.

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