Fibocom Introduces 4G LTE-A Cat 12 Module for FWA and Industry 4.0 Applications

Fibocom Introduces 4G LTE-A Cat 12 Module for FWA and Industry 4.0 Applications

Fibocom announced the global launch of a high-performance 4G LTE Advanced category 12 module. The FG101 is a highly integrated module with competitive cost advantages. It is an optimized 4G LTE-A module designed to provide high-speed connectivity in applications like FWA, intelligent security, Industry 4.0 and connected cars, etc.

Based on the Qualcomm SDX12 chipset platform, the Fibocom LTE-A Cat 12 module FG101 offers a maximum LTE throughput of 600 Mbps downlink and 150 Mbps uplink. The module supports LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/WCDMA network modes as well as several optimized features such as LTE-A Carrier Aggregation (CA), LTE in unlicensed spectrum (LTE-U), and LTE + Wi-Fi Link Aggregation, to deliver unprecedented LTE speeds, bandwidth, and network performance.

The Fibocom LTE-A Cat 12 module FG101 is available in an LGA form factor and measures 39.5x37x2.8 mm. It supports 4 x 4 MIMO technology and all the mainstream carrier bands worldwide, including CBRS unlicensed bands B48 for improved network performance. With an integrated GNSS receiver (GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galileo) and rich interfaces such as ART / GPIO / ADC / SDIO / I2C / USB3.0 / PCM / I2S / PCIe2.0 / SPI / USIM, the FG101 is ideal for FWA, intelligent security, industry 4.0 and connected car applications that require high bandwidth, low latency, and cost-saving wireless connectivity.

Engineering samples of the FG101 will be available in April 2021 and massive production of the product is expected in Q3 2021. Fibocom will be launching a series of LTE-A modules based on the SDX12 chipset platform in 2021, FG101-10 and FG101-20, which can significantly enhance the seamless experience for industries that rely on high-bandwidth wireless networks, to ensure fast, reliable connectivity.

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