RFHIC Introduces 5.8 GHz GaN Solid State Microwave Generator for ISM Applications

RFHIC Introduces 5.8 GHz GaN Solid State Microwave Generator for ISM Applications

RFHIC Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of gallium-nitride (GaN) transistors, power amplifiers, and high-power microwave generator system solutions, announced the RIF58800-20SG - its latest 800W, GaN solid-state microwave generator system that operates from 5725 to 5875 MHz. The RIF58800-20SG is designed ideally for industrial heating, sterilizing, and welding applications.

The RIF58800-20SG is a complete microwave generator system available in a compact shelf type architecture that measures 19 (W) x 7 (H) x 24 (D) in. The compact design allows customers to easily integrate into their pre-built systems, saving space and costs. The RIF58800-20SG comes fully equipped with four 200W, GaN SSPAs, a 220 VAC, 1-phase, 47/63 Hz power supply unit (PSU), and a main control unit (MCU). The generator has a water-cooled design and is equipped with a WR159 output connect type.

The generator is also equipped with a high-grade phase-lock-loop (PLL) synthesizer providing a precise and controllable frequency signal. The RIF58800-20SG is also embedded with RFHIC’s software suite providing a real-time display of forward and reflected power and return loss, automatic optimal single frequency selection, automatic generation of optimal band map for frequency sweeping, and more. The RIF58800-20SG provides a load mismatch up to 6:1 VSWR. In case a higher reverse power is detected, the system will automatically shut down, preventing system damage.

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