NFC Forum Releases New IoT, Event Management and Mobility-as-a-Service Resources

NFC Forum Releases New IoT, Event Management and Mobility-as-a-Service Resources

The NFC Forum, the global standards-body for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, unveiled two white papers and an infographic ranging in topics from Internet-of-Things (IoT) data acquisition and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) to event management and improving the customer experience with NFC.

The white papers share best practices, recommendations, use cases and examples. NFC is one of the most popular and prolific technologies in the world and is found on the estimated three billion smartphones in use today.

According to IHS Markit, by 2030 the number of connected IoT devices worldwide will top 125 billion reaching into almost every aspect of business and consumer life. NFC’s simple “tap and go” paradigm enables initial configuration, control, troubleshooting assistance, data acquisition and updating for IoT and other devices. This unique capability of NFC helps businesses establish and foster stronger connections with their customers.

Download the White Papers and Infographic:

  • Connecting the Unconnected: The Unique Power of NFC in IoT Data Acquisition - shares with developers and others how best to connect IoT devices to acquire and transmit data using NFC.
  • Improve the Event Attendee Experience – and Your Profitability – with NFC white paper shows how NFC technology offers a better event experience for everyone. The pandemic has reduced the number of live events putting organizers under increasing pressure to deliver compelling, unique customer experiences that are safe and follow local regulations. At stake is a $1.8 trillion-dollar global industry that includes musical concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.
  • NFC Transforms Urban Mobility For Billions is a MaaS infographic that features the role of NFC in urban travel transformation fueled by population density, climate change and the convergence of payment, identification, authentication, access and travel information all enabled by NFC. Check the infographic below:

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