NI Joins the Next G Alliance to Accelerate 6G Development in North America

NI Joins the Next G Alliance to Accelerate 6G Development in North America

NI announced that it has joined ATIS’ Next G Alliance as a founding member. The Next G Alliance initiative seeks to advance North American mobile technology leadership in 6G by building on the long-term evolution of 5G over the next decade. NI will work closely with the Next G Alliance and its members to identify research priorities central to the development, standardization, manufacturing and market readiness for 6G.

The Next G Alliance is named after its primary goal: to establish North American pre-eminence in the 5G evolutionary path and 6G development. It is an outgrowth of ATIS’ Call to Action Promoting U.S. Leadership on the Path to 6G. Collectively, this ecosystem will be central to defining the Next G vision.

As a member of the Next G Alliance, NI will help identify research priorities and connect wireless researchers with leading integrated hardware and software technologies to accelerate engineering discovery – a process that will help create a path forward for the future of wireless. By providing deep domain knowledge and expertise in advanced wireless research, NI will collaborate with researchers as they quickly define and realize the possibilities of the 6G ecosystem to ultimately engineer the extraordinary.

Charles Schroeder, technology fellow at NI stated that at NI, test and measurement plays a critical role in accelerating the discovery process for advanced wireless research. Although 6G may seem far away to some, academic and industry researchers have already begun the experiments and research that will ultimately lead to the creation of a 6G wireless standard. They are excited to work closely with partners like the Next G Alliance to create a more holistic pathway to product realization and accelerate the market towards Next G readiness.

ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller said that like other regions of the world launch ambitious 6G R&D initiatives, the North American industry must step forward now to create the road map for strong global mobile technology leadership into the next decade. The work of NI and the other Next G Alliance members is critical to advancing North American global leadership over the 5G evolutionary path and 6G development. It is establishing what is needed to promote a vibrant marketplace for North American innovation in 6G introduction, adoption and commercialization.

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