Noisecom Introduces New Programmable Noise Generator for Growing and Emerging Wireless Applications

Noisecom Introduces New Programmable Noise Generator for Growing and Emerging Wireless Applications

Wireless Telecom Group announced that Noisecom has introduced a new Programmable Noise Generator further strengthening its leadership in noise generation solutions. Built on core Noisecom technology, the UFX7000B features a new design and streamlined user interface in an innovative platform, which will serve as the building block for a broad range of customizable, configurable, and specialized solutions. The unique noise generation products enabled by UFX7000B are vital to address the complex demands of growing and emerging wireless applications, including GPS, satellite communications, aerospace, defense, and wireless communications such as next-generation Wi-Fi and 5G systems, up to 40 GHz.

Dr. Lee McMillan, VP, Engineering and Manufacturing at Wireless Telecom Group said that the UFX platform has been their most popular instrument for many years. Their customers appreciate the broad range of capabilities that include signal combining, filtering, attenuation, and switching. With the new UFX7000B product they have an advanced platform to build upon for the future of all their benchtop and rackmount programable noise generators so they can better meet application- and industry-specific needs.

The Noisecom UFX7000B broadband additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) generator has a powerful single board computer with a flexible architecture used to create complex custom noise signals for advanced test systems. This versatile platform allows the user to meet their most challenging design requirements. Precision components provide high output power with superior flatness, and the flexible computer architecture allows control of multiple attenuators, switches, and filter banks. Joining a robust portfolio of leading benchtop noise generators, the newly designed Noisecom UFX7000B demonstrates a continued innovation in generating, controlling, and using RF and microwave noise to support high-performance wireless applications.

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