CAES Selected to Develop mm-Wave Frequency Converters for 5G Equipment

CAES Selected to Develop mm-Wave Frequency Converters for 5G Equipment

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES), an advanced electronics manufacturer of trusted solutions for aerospace and defense, has announced that a 5G manufacturer has selected them to develop and provide a multi-channel wideband millimeter wave (mmW) up and down-converter for use in 5G equipment. The frequency converters are for the 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands, which enable high speed connections due to their larger bandwidths. This industry-leading CAES customer provides advanced, reliable, high performance, wideband 5G equipment solutions of the highest quality.

CAES will be an integral part of their customer’s 5G solution in this fast growing market. They are well positioned to serve the 5G market. CAES’ technical capabilities developed over decades serving the electronic warfare market, and the wideband millimeter wave expertise, combined with their ability to scale up production volumes are exactly what customers are looking for in a partner.

Wideband technology enables the processing of several communications bands at the same time, providing for faster 5G solutions, edge computing, and enabling data hungry applications such as smart city infrastructure and autonomous driving. CAES mmW frequency converters provide low phase noise, high spurious suppression and excellent gain flatness resulting in superior signal fidelity. Moreover, CAES frequency converters feature unique packaging techniques allowing for very high density circuit integration, high channel-to-channel isolation, excellent thermal management, and small form-factor solutions. In addition, CAES’ design-for-manufacturing expertise enables automation of certain assembly and test functions to reduce cycle time and cost.

For decades, CAES’s broad portfolio of commercial and military grade RF, microwave and millimeter wave products have been providing innovative solutions for industrial, commercial, military and aerospace design. CAES’ broad line of mmW products are integrated into leading EW, 5G, radar, missile, and SATCOM systems. CAES offers a full range of high performance, wideband, multi-channel Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMA), antennas and arrays, waveguides, rotary joints, and cables.

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