API Technologies Introduce Cryogenic Attenuators for Quantum Computing

API Technologies Introduce Cryogenic Attenuators for Quantum Computing

API Technologies, a leading innovator and supplier of passive coaxial and RF components, introduced fixed attenuators for use in cryogenic cooling systems to support quantum computing. Using an in-house resistor fabrication processes and materials, APITech can optimize the resistor material, substrate and fabrication processes as well as the mechanical design needed to offer a "thermally quiet" attenuator solutions at mK temperatures.

Features of these cryogenic attenuators from API include:

  • Gold plated beryllium copper conductors
  • DC - 40 GHz (2.92mm connector)
  • DC - 18 GHz (SMA and SMPM connectors)
  • Available dB values of 0, 3, 6, 10, 20 dB
  • Proprietary thin film resistor material
  • Operating temperature down to 20mK

Quantum computing will revolutionize the understanding of the world by analyzing datasets that today’s most powerful supercomputers can’t handle. Instead of bits, quantum computers use quantum bits (qubits) which can only be detected at extremely small energy levels -- and at temperatures close to absolute zero. This requires cryogenic refrigeration systems with multiple stages of cooling and numerous RF cables of significant length, all of which introduce thermal noise, harming the integrity of the qubit. APITech’s coaxial cryo-attenuators, mounted at different temperature stages of the cryo-chamber, help solve this problem.

To be ‘read', a qubit must be isolated from even the most minute amount of interference. The cryogenic chambers needed for this function can reach temperatures down to 4mK (milli-Kelvin). This can require thousands of coaxial attenuators able to function in this environment. APITech's attenuators, designed for mK operation to avoid self-heating, are reliable at temperatures these cryo installations require.

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