AmpliTech Ready to Cater to the Rise in Global Demand for SATCOM Low Noise Amplifiers

AmpliTech Ready to Cater to the Rise in Global Demand for SATCOM Low Noise Amplifiers

As the race to launch Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) accelerates, the need for low noise, low power dissipating, and highly reliable amplifiers has growsn to be absolutely essential for organizations preparing to launch satellites in coming cycles. MarketWatch reports that the global Satellite Communication (SATCOM) market will reach US$30.6 billion by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2019 through 2025.

Bloomberg reports that SpaceX moved closer to obtaining FCC approval to launch Starlink satellites at a lower orbit to achieve higher service performance. Starlink alone plans to launch up to 42,000 satellites by mid-2027. CNBC reports that Amazon will also be looking to commence 9 missions to launch 3236 satellites in LEO in the near future. LEO and MEO satellite launches aim to increase global connectivity among billions of IoT devices, improve network speed constraints, democratize internet access, and connect people as well as devices in a way never before attainable. It is crucial to ensure mission success by limiting SATCOM component vendors to best-in-breed solutions.

The AmpliTech Group, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of custom and standard state-of-the-art RF components for 5G/6G Communications, Commercial, SATCOM, Space, Defense, and Military markets. AmpliTech manufactures a suite of Ku, Ka, and X band Low Noise Amplifiers. The Ka band LNA operating at 26.5-40.0 GHz is preferred for use in SATCOM devices. AmpliTech's Ka band LNA features the lowest noise figures in the industry (80K @ room temperature), wide bandwidth, and reduced size wavelength leading to powerful, size efficient devices. This promises high throughput, low interference connectivity for optimal network flow.

AmpliTech recently secured a $23 million capital raise that will be allocated towards a long-term growth strategy geared towards cementing themselves as a top facilitator of 5G/6G, commercial, SATCOM, space, defense, and military innovation. CEO of AmpliTech, Fawad Maqbool states, "Recent events have proved that the state of the SATCOM industry is at an inflection point for hyper growth. The journey is just beginning and AmpliTech is fortunate to be in a position to push the envelope on satellite technology adoption."

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