Get PCB Assembly Quotes from Multiple Companies by Filling out a Single Form

Get PCB Assembly Quotes from Multiple Companies by Filling out a Single Form

PCB Directory, an online portal for the largest directory of PCB Manufacturers and Fabricators on the internet have launched a tool that enables users to get PCB Assembly Quotes from multiple manufacturers by filling out a single form.

The PCB Assembly Quotation tool lets the user fill their PCBA requirements in a form, and get quotes for their PCBA requirement from multiple manufacturers. All they need to do is to fill out a single form or upload a file with the requirement and select the companies from whom they would like a quotation. Furthermore, one can get quotes for both prototype and production PCB Assembly requirements at this one-step solution. It is important that the order type is specified, whether it is for prototype PCB assembly quotes or production PCB Assembly quotes as the pricing in each case can vary significantly. The user can select from over 200 companies based on their capabilities and location.

The user can get quotations in as early as 24 hours. Hence, this tool not only saves money but a lot of time as well. The PCBA Quote tool enables users to add the required number of unique parts, SMT, Thru-hole parts and others to get the exact quotation as per requirement.

The PCB Assembly Quotation tool further provides an additional space to declare any specific requirement that is not mentioned in the general proforma. It also lets the user upload the Gerber and BOM files for DFM and structural information.

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