Molex Leveraging In-House Test Labs to Tackle EMC/EMI Design Challenges

Molex Leveraging In-House Test Labs to Tackle EMC/EMI Design Challenges

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices and equipment is a growing design consideration as the world becomes more connected. Keeping this in mind, Molex is utilizing its internal testing labs to tackle Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) design challenges.

Electronics can create and receive unwanted electromagnetic energy, and the growing ubiquity of devices within a given space naturally complicates EMC efforts. Additionally, as capabilities advance and component density increases, EMI threatens product performance, potentially increasing design time and costs.

When designing products for use in this electromagnetically charged world, EMC expertise and world-class testing equipment are crucial for the development and production of electronic solutions. Designers need to predict the amount of electromagnetic energy generated within a product early in the development phase. The challenges faced by designers is compounded by the fact that electromagnetic energy can be narrowband, affecting a small frequency range, or broadband, scattering signals across a wide range of frequencies.

Molex In-House Anechoic Chambers

Molex utilizes its two in-house test labs located in Lisle, Illinois, and Bochum, Germany to expose their products to RF energy to ensure they meet the customer requirements. The EMC lab in Lisle, Illinois is newly commissioned which is equipped to test the most challenging products. Molex world-class lab capabilities deliver quality and reliability from development through production. Their capabilities — material validation, product qualification and certification, and quality assurance — ensure the products meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements across the globe.

The anechoic chambers offer the versatility to support global certification and compliance testing and for a wide range of markets. Their capabilities go beyond automotive components and include the ability to test medical devices, industrial solutions, military and aerospace equipment.

Molex also leverages leading-edge EMC technology and procedures. Along with their highly skilled test engineers, Molex EMC design experts provide support for pre-compliance testing. They leverage simulations to characterize products, support troubleshooting and provide solutions as early as possible in the development stage and without relying on third-party support.

By fostering a strong relationship between the design team and test engineering, Molex ensures their electronic components and assemblies do not emit troublesome EMI and are not susceptible to electromagnetic energy in the environment. Ongoing testing gives them the ability to predict and verify EMC performance, enabling Molex to reduce design cycles, meet key project milestones and ensure a successful product launch.

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