4RF Gets FCC Approval for Anterix Band 8 Sectrum for Mission-Critical Private LTE Networks

4RF Gets FCC Approval for Anterix Band 8 Sectrum for Mission-Critical Private LTE Networks

4RF, a developer of high-performance radio communications equipment for critical infrastructure, has received FCC approval for its 4RF Aprisa LTE router to operate in Anterix Band 8 spectrum for mission-critical private LTE networks.

The Aprisa LTE is a secure, hardened LTE router for utility field area networks that will operate in the Anterix Band 8 spectrum with the highest authorized power to take full advantage of the FCC user equipment power limit. This allows users to make the best use of the valuable high penetration and long-distance propagation characteristics of 900 MHz, making this low-frequency spectrum so important for utility and other critical infrastructure applications.

With this approval, the Aprisa LTE continues to bring innovation to the LTE market. Examples include the first field router to offer SFP transceiver support for optical fiber and the first Anterix Band 8 approved device to offer built-in Wi-Fi operation. The Aprisa LTE meets key utility demands with dual SIM support for private as well as public LTE networks (ATT and Verizon approved), a very wide range of operating bands, enterprise-ready routing and security features (including anti-tamper), along with the heavy-duty transient protection mandatory for protection in the electric grid substation environment. The device is also at home in mobile application meeting tough vehicle electrical and vibration standards.

Joe Mellott, Telecom Supervisor at Evergy said that it is important for utilities to see LTE providers and spectrum vendors working closely together to deliver on the essential long-range broadband ecosystems required to support today's field area networks with ever-increasing numbers of connected devices. Evergy has achieved tremendous success integrating the 4RF family of products including the Aprisa LTE. The addition of the Aprisa LTE to the Anterix Band 8 offers utilities a field-proven option for their private LTE edge supported needs.

Private, licensed LTE networks provide ownership, security, control, maximum bandwidth and optimized performance of a company's mission-critical field area networks in industries such as energy, telecommunications, transportation and logistics. Private networks with licensed 900 MHz spectrum provide the best support for field area networks with the reach for cluttered metro areas and long-distance rural coverage of thousands of connected devices when compared with alternative solutions using high-frequency CBRS spectrum.

Ryan Gerbrandt, Chief Operating Officer at Anterix stated that 4RF Aprisa products are successfully deployed in hundreds of utilities worldwide, including many of the largest here in the United States. Anterix is proud to join forces with 4RF to expand the ecosystem of available solutions and devices developed and approved for use with 900 MHz private LTE networks.

4RF CEO Ian Troughton further exclaimed that 4RF is excited to be already working with Anterix and key customers to provide optimal bandwidth, security, and support for field area networks that must evolve with the increasing range of connected devices. Aprisa LTE devices, made in California, will leverage the long history of our Aprisa radio solutions widely deployed with U.S. infrastructure operators.

Click here to view the detailed specifications of the 4RF Aprisa LTE router.

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