Booz Allen Joins O-RAN ALLIANCE to Support Evolving Mobile Networks

Booz Allen Joins O-RAN ALLIANCE to Support Evolving Mobile Networks

Booz Allen Hamilton has joined the O-RAN ALLIANCE, an international community of mobile network operators, vendors, and academic institutions. Founded by AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DOCOMO, and Orange, the O-RAN ALLIANCE aims to create and evolve existing mobile networks into more intelligent, open, and fully interoperable networks. The membership furthers Booz Allen’s commitment to integrating and securing the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry.

Jennifer Congdon, Booz Allen lead for 5G partnerships and vendors said that RAN is a major component of 5G networks – in fact, most mobile networks are deployed using closed RAN solutions. Opening up RAN and 5G networks will enable collaboration between the most advanced companies in the 5G ecosystem, ultimately resulting in diversity in vendors, better network security, and lower costs for users and operators. They look forward to collaborating with other O-RAN ALLIANCE contributors and members to ensure resiliency and security for network infrastructure across the globe.

This membership complements Booz Allen’s existing initiatives to secure a resilient 5G ecosystem and infrastructure, including its carrier-grade 5G Lab, which provides the critical, hyper-accelerated connectivity required to transform and evolve cybersecurity defense systems. Booz Allen also partners with top, global information and communications technology (ICT) companies through its membership with the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), an organization created to advance ICT industry transformation.

Jennifer Congdon further exclaimed that creating an open RAN is essential for the progression of 5G and also ensures the successful development and deployment of 6G and future generational technology standards. They are excited to work alongside some of the industry’s finest organizations—whether established or disruptors—to ensure their future networks are set up to be secure, resilient, and successful for generations to come.

Booz Allen is also a founding member of the NextG Alliance, an ATIS initiative that is developing the 6G Roadmap and building the foundation for North American leadership in 5G innovation, 6G and beyond.

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