HENSOLDT Awarded €50 Million Order to Deliver Radar Electronics for ‘Quadriga’ Eurofighters

HENSOLDT Awarded €50 Million Order to Deliver Radar Electronics for ‘Quadriga’ Eurofighters712370

Having been commissioned back in March to produce and deliver ECRS Mk1 radars, sensor solutions supplier HENSOLDT has now been awarded a further order worth 50 million euros under the German Air Force’s Quadriga procurement program for 38 Eurofighter combat aircrafts. In the context of the Quadriga program, HENSOLDT has been commissioned by the European EuroRADAR Consortium to produce and deliver radar electronic components which will be manufactured at HENSOLDT’s site in Ulm, Germany. In addition to HENSOLDT, the consortium also includes Indra, Leonardo Italy and Leonardo UK.

Erwin Paulus, Head of the Radar & Naval Solutions division at HENSOLDT said that they have been cooperating successfully with their EuroRADAR partners for many years and will ensure that the new Eurofighters also receive powerful sensor technology, even while the radar is undergoing further development at this time.

The EuroRADAR consortium has already delivered more than 400 radars for the Eurofighters currently in operation today. HENSOLDT has been involved in their development and production within the consortium since the beginning. Last year, HENSOLDT was awarded the contract to further develop the radar for the German and Spanish Eurofighter fleets to the latest Mk1 standard as lead together with Indra.

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