Quectel Introduces 5G NR Modules to Accelerate Commercial use of Standalone 5G Devices

Quectel Introduces 5G NR Modules to Accelerate Commercial use of Standalone 5G Devices

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a leading global supplier of IoT modules has announced the release of two new 5G New Radio (NR) module series, the RG500S, and RM500S. Based on the new Qualcomm 315 5G IoT Modem-RF System, both modules can support customers in building dedicated 5G devices for a variety of verticals including industrial IoT, retail, smart energy, and private 5G networks.

Utilizing the powerful Qualcomm 315 5G IoT modem, the RG500S and RM500S support extended life software maintenance, helping create long-lasting IoT devices for the duration of their life span. Offering seamless integration, the RM500S is pin to pin compatible with Quectel’s LTE Cat 4 module EM05, Cat 6 module EM06, Cat 12 modules EM12-G/EM12xR-GL, Cat 16 module EM160R-GL as well as 5G module RM500Q, which provides more competitive 5G solutions to the IoT market. These features will help accelerate the 5G IoT market in the industrial and consumer IoT segments with use cases across robotics, automation, intelligent manufacturing, energy distribution, precision agriculture, construction, and mining.

The RG500S and RM500S modules support 5G NR Sub-6GHz bands in stand-alone (SA) mode offering backward compatibility with LTE networks. With network slicing in SA mode, the two modules can offer end to end traffic isolation for critical traffic, guaranteed data rates and bandwidth as well as lower latency than in non-standalone (NSA) mode, which meets the demands of ultra-reliability and SLAs (service level agreement) of typical industrial and enterprise scenarios.

The two modules are embedded with rich interfaces and incorporate high-speed USB 3.0/3.1, PCIe 3.0, U(SIM), RGMII, and more, making them suitable for diversified industrial and consumer 5G applications such as industrial routers, robots, automation, intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, energy distribution, precision agriculture, construction, and mining. In addition, the RG500S and RM500S integrate a multi-constellation GNSS receiver, which simplifies the product design and provides accurate positioning services for users.

Quectel has long been collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies to support the enablement of the 5G market in IoT,” said Patrick Qian, CEO, Quectel. “Based on the latest Qualcomm 315 5G IoT Modem, the RG500S and RM500S can offer greater possibilities for the industrial and commercial IoT verticals. Features such as high performance and low latency as well as extended life software maintenance address the existing IoT market needs and can power a range of new 5G IoT use cases.”

“The Qualcomm 315 5G IoT modem solution was introduced to stimulate and scale the 5G IoT industry and enable the transitions needed to make 5G for IoT a reality. This solution is pin to pin compatible with legacy modules, which can accelerate device development and commercialization and promote growth and expansion in the 5G IoT industry. Integrating Qualcomm Technologies purpose-built modem into Quectel’s RG500S and RM500S modules will help deliver 5G to the IoT industry across industrial and enterprise applications,” said Jeffery Torrance, senior vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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