Anritsu Base Station Simulator Supports the Testing of eCall over LTE in Korea

Anritsu Base Station Simulator Supports the Testing of eCall over LTE in Korea

Anritsu has developed an option for testing South Korean eCall systems. The combination of the Anritsu Signaling Tester MD8475B all-in-one base station simulator and eCall Tester MX703330E software is a solution for testing eCall automobile emergency response systems. This configuration can evaluate an in-vehicle system (IVS) supporting South Korean eCall over LTE (uses NG-eCall standard).

In the event of an accident, the eCall IVS makes an emergency voice call to the emergency response center, also known as Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), to send details about the accident. Early accident report and dispatch of emergency rescue personnel when required is expected to help reduce fatalities from serious injuries. South Korea is making significant progress in the development of its eCall system, which will be mandatory in all new vehicles.

Anritsu’s Signaling Tester MD8475B is a base-station simulator for emulating the mobile network configuration used by eCall. The eCall Tester MX703330E software emulates the communication sequence between the eCall IVS and PSAP center. Adding this developed South Korean eCall option to the MX703330E supports performance of the South Korean eCall function test and end-to-end voice evaluation defined by ITSK-WD-19003 over a simulated LTE network.

LTE-Advanced communications systems are accelerating adoption of larger-capacity in-cabin eCall telematics units. Anritsu is the first test company in the industry to support all-in-one gigabit LTE simulation and NG-eCall IVS evaluation with its Signaling Tester MD8475B, for improving test times and reducing test costs for telematics units.

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