Single Box Multi-Band Microwave Backhaul Radio Links for 5G and Rural Broadband Applications

Single Box Multi-Band Microwave Backhaul Radio Links for 5G and Rural Broadband Applications

Aviat Networks, a leading expert in wireless transport solutions, announced the only single box, single antenna multi-band radios in the industry now combining 11 and 13 GHz microwave bands with 80 GHz E-Band. The new WTM 4811 and WTM 4813 allow longer links with higher availability and give operators more powerful tools to expand their networks, avoid expensive fiber builds to deliver the highest capacity, and lower backhaul network Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The WTM 4811 is an ideal solution for operators in the US, where 11 GHz is a key band used for 5G and rural backhaul applications. Using this multi-band combination, operators can now support up to 10 Gbps in a single radio unit, a substantial increase from the 1.5 Gbps capacity supported in a single 11 GHz unit alone. In International regions, both the WTM 4811 and WTM 4813 provide improved multi-band performance and reach to deliver the needed capacity for new and upgraded 5G sites. "Operators continue to seek network performance, capacity increases, and availability while lowering costs," said Peter Smith, CEO of Aviat Networks. "Our newest multi-band radios, which support 11 and 13 GHz, extend our leadership in multi-band solutions and deliver the highest value at the lowest TCO for our 5G and rural broadband customers."

All Aviat Multi-band Radio Systems Significantly Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • Other available multi-band solutions require as many as four separate boxes. These solutions are large and heavy, complex to order and ship, more difficult to install, configure and maintain, consume much more power, and can be as much as 30% more expensive.
  • With Aviat multi-band radios, operators can achieve significant savings on spectrum costs. Traffic can be offloaded from a costly microwave spectrum onto a less expensive E-band while still maintaining the trusted reliability of the microwave. In many areas of the world, the E-band spectrum is 10x less expensive than a licensed microwave.
  • Aviat multi-band radios feature the company's recently-announced A2C+ (Adaptive Dual Carrier Plus) software, which enables 3+0 multi-band in a single radio with the highest system gain available today, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with network modernization.

With the WTM 4800, Aviat offers customers the industry's simplest and most integrated multi-band solution, while significantly reducing backhaul network TCO. The company is accepting orders now for the WTM 4811 and WTM 4813 radios.

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