Ultraview Introduces GaN-Based Microwave Comb Generator for EW and Antenna Testing

Ultraview Introduces GaN-Based Microwave Comb Generator for EW and Antenna Testing

Ultraview has introduced a new class of microwave comb generators featuring formerly unattainable output power levels, low jitter and spectral content programmability. The Ultracomb-8G is designed for antenna range testing, communications, and electronic warfare (EW) jamming applications.

A comb generator is a signal generator that produces multiple harmonics of its input signal. Based on a custom ultra-high-repetition-rate GaN differential pulser IC, the palm-sized Ultracomb-8G is powered from any USB3.0/3.1 port through which the user can program comb amplitude, comb picket spacing and low/high-frequency spectral weighting.

Comb picket spacing can be software-programmed to any frequency from 10 MHz to 2 GHz in single-ended-output mode (10-50 MHz in differential output mode) in 0.01 Hz steps, generated by an on-board LMX2594 synthesizer driven from an internal 150fs-jitter reference clock or external 10-500 MHz reference. The unit can also be programmed in 1:1 clock mode, enabling the pulse repetition rate of the comb generator (and the comb tooth spacing) to be the same as the external reference/clock input. Its differential outputs enable direct antenna connections without the use of a BALUN, and 3dB higher total output level.

The Ultracomb-8G has the further unique ability to create strings of pulses with widths varying from 100 ps to 800 ps, enabling it to generate relatively flat combs with usable energy to 10 GHz or, alternatively, combs with much higher power, but with most of the energy concentrated below 2GHz. This is useful, for example, in antenna testing, in which low frequency antennas can be tested over very long ranges or transmitting through lossy media, while retaining the ability to test over a wider bandwidth when using shorter ranges.

GUI software, with full QT source, is included for Windows10, OSX, Linux Mint 18 and RHEL/Centos 7.x.

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