APITech Announces New Cryogenic RF Attenuators for Quantum Computing Installations

APITech Announces New Cryogenic RF Attenuators for Quantum Computing Installations

APITech announced the launch of their new line of cryogenic attenuators. Optimized for cryogenic refrigeration systems used in quantum computing installations, APITech's proprietary thin film cryo attenuators are available in frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz, and with 2.92mm, SMA, and SMPM connectors.

Norm Hansen, Product Line Director at APITech, said that their new cryo attenuators have been tested to four milliKelvin. Using their in-house resistor fabrication process, they are able to optimize the resistor material and substrate, as well as the mechanical design needed to deliver a thermally quiet attenuator solution that works at cryo temperatures.

Cryogenic refrigeration systems used in quantum computing installations require multiple stages of cooling and numerous RF cables to function, all of which introduces thermal noise. To prevent this thermal noise and ensure that a quantum computer's quantum bits can be read, special cryo attenuators are needed. APITech's experience delivering high reliability attenuators, terminations and related RF components for use in harsh environments and at extreme temperatures served as the foundation supporting its development of the new cryo attenuators.

Through its Inmet and Weinschel brands, APITech is a leading global provider of attenuators for communications, defense, space, radar and test & measurement.

APITech's cryo attenuators are available now and will also be showcased at the upcoming IMS 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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