Customer-Configurable LTE Reference UE for 4G/5G Researchers and Engineers

Customer-Configurable LTE Reference UE for 4G/5G Researchers and Engineers

The LTE Reference UE from CommAgility is a pre-integrated system, including both hardware and 3GPP Rel. 10 LTE software. This flexible system is ideal for eNodeB and network testing, particularly in non-standard frequency bands. The flexibility of this board enables it to alternatively function as an LTE eNodeB with different software and FPGA firmware loads.

The reference design is useful to eNodeB and UE product developers, 4G/5G researchers and LTE network engineers. The software and hardware are fully integrated and tested, to reduce risk and save time. It is based on technology proven at tier 1 communications equipment vendors and research institutes.

The system is based on CommAgility’s CA-D8A4-RF4, which is a baseband processing and RF card for eNodeB and UE. The card includes a TCI6638K2K SoC from Texas Instruments and a Kintex-7 FPGA, with four RF channels. It combines 4 ARM® Cortex®-A15 cores with 8 TI C66x+ DSP cores, accelerators and shared memory, plus FPGA, RF and CPRI interfaces. The reference design is also provided with PHY and stack software, and example configurations for UE connectivity.

The reference design provides up to 300 Mbps download throughput and supports any frequency between 410 MHz and 6 GHz. Its RF channels are tuneable in pairs over a very wide frequency range to cover LTE and unlicensed frequency bands. With CommAgility’s LTE software, up to two 20MHz carrier components are supported.

The base board of the Reference UE can be used in a cabled configuration direction with an eNodeB and attenuation. For Over the Air (OTA) use, a radio Front End Module (FEM) is required for filtering and power amplification.

For specialized applications, CommAgility can also provide customization services, source code and test vectors/test cases, as well as integrated applications.

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