Hirose Electric Develops Low Profile Miniature Coaxial Connectors for 5G mmWave Applications

Hirose Electric Develops Low Profile Miniature Coaxial Connectors for 5G mmWave Applications712370

Hirose Electric, a global manufacturer of a wide variety of high-performance connectors has developed the C.FL Series of low profile micro-coax connectors. These ultra-small press coaxial connectors have a height of 0.92mm when mated and can operate at frequencies up to 30 GHz to support 5G mm-Wave applications.

Increasing Demand for Millimeter Wave Connectors as 5G Progresses

Millimeter wave bands are being used for next-generation communication standards like 5G. There is an increasing demand for low profile connectors that can connect the antenna to the main board of 5G devices and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). The C.FL Series of micro-coax connectors developed by Hirose Electric can operate up to frequencies of 30 GHz. In spite of the ultra-low profile and small size with 0.92mm mated height, the frequency characteristics have been dramatically enhanced by reducing the diameter of the male receptacle contact and optimizing the internal design of the plug.

The assembly precision has also dramatically improved compared to conventional products, contributing to stable transmission in the millimeter wave band. Furthermore, the applicable cable size is very thin and flexible (0.64 mm) making it easy to route inside devices.

Key Specs of the C.FL Series

  1. Ultra-compact Receptacle: 2 x 2 x 0.92 mm (1 mm max. height)
  2. Frequency Operation up to 30 GHz
    • VSWR - 1.4:1 from DC to 15 GHz
    • VSWR - 1.5:1 from 15 to 20 GHz
    • VSWR - 1.6:1 from 20 to 30 GHz
  3. Compatible Cable: 0.64mm
  4. Probe for mass production inspection: 2.4mm connector and 2.92mm connector adaptors are available

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