X-COM Showcasing its Radar, Electronic Warfare and Tactical Communications Systems at IMS 2021

X-COM Showcasing its Radar, Electronic Warfare and Tactical Communications Systems at IMS 2021

X-COM Systems, a Bird company, is showcasing its Off-Air Test Solutions for modern RF systems such as Tactical Communications Systems, RADAR Systems, and Electronic Warfare Systems at IMS 2021. The products they are showcasing at booth #1531 include:

RF Streaming Products (IQC5000B, IQC91000A)

  • The IQC91000A Wideband RF Record & Playback System is designed to record modern waveforms and can continuously record 90 minutes of 1000 MHz wide waveforms with 12-bit fidelity.
  • The IQC5000B Series, RF Record & Playback Systems are small high-fidelity dual channel systems with up to 255 MHz of record and playback bandwidth per channel and can meet recording needs from HF to millimeter wavelengths in mission-critical applications.

Signal Analysis/Editing Software (Spectro-X, RF Editor): Spectro-X, RF Signal Analysis Toolkit is an essential signal extraction tool that enables users to sift through multi-terabytes of RF data recordings to quickly identify signals of interest based on user input. RF Editor, a drag-and-drop graphical editing tool lets users easily modify I&Q signals of any length or create entirely new ones.

Naval Tactical Data Systems: X-COM Systems Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS) products are used at Land Based Training Sites and Engineering Development Sites to support testing of the AEGIS Weapons Systems (AWS) and other associated combat systems equipment that will be installed on-board AEGIS Cruisers and Destroyers.

RF Handheld Analyzers (Cable & Antenna Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers): Bird's SiteHawk RF cable & antenna testers (CAT) and SignalHawk spectrum analyzers can measure in and withstand tough working environments and helps users to install and maintain wireless systems, perform in-depth troubleshooting and conduct routine maintenance.

Stop by booth #1531 to learn more.

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