Gamma Electronics Showcasing Weather-Proof Silicone Cold Shrink for RP-SMA Connections at IMS 2021

Gamma Electronics Showcasing Weather-Proof Silicone Cold Shrink for RP-SMA Connections at IMS 2021712370

Gamma Electronics is showcasing Silicone Cold Shrink tubing solutions at IMS 2021. Gamma’s Silicone Cold Shrink is a “Set It and Forget It” weatherproof solution which is made from silicone rubber. The SDL cold shrink is a specially formulated pre-expanded silicone rubber shrink tube that does not require heat to shrink. It is expanded over an easily removable plastic cylinder. When the plastic cord is pulled, it allows the silicone tubing to shrink rapidly to seal and protect the connector, while gripping tight around the cable.

At IMS 2021, they are showcasing the SDL-SMA-60 - cold shrink tubing designed specifically for RPSMA (Reverse Polarity-SMA) connections. It has an LMR 195 type cable and a connector size of 8 mm that makes it ideal for small connections. The SDL-SMA-60 is IP68 and IP69 rated, providing incredible weather protection capabilities. It is easy to install and creates a strong seal between the connector and the connection point: a seal that helps protect against vibration. This RoHS compliant cold shrink has a pull cord shrink mechanism with a shrink ratio of 2:1. It provides excellent tear resistance along with UV and Ozone resistance.

The SDL-SMA-60 provides excellent physical protection and moisture sealing for telecom connectors and cables. It is ideal for remote radio unit (RRU) connections (AT&T approved) and can be installed with less room than clamshell enclosure cable jacket and sheath repairs. This silicone cold shrink provides corrosion protection for fitting and couplings along with protecting connectors from weather, UV, Ozone, dust and fungus.


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