Kyocera Chooses Keysight's O-RAN Software to Accelerate Development of Radio Units

Kyocera Chooses Keysight's O-RAN Software to Accelerate Development of Radio Units

Keysight Technologies announced that Kyocera Corporation has selected Keysight’s Open RAN Studio software to validate radio units (O-RU) in compliance to specifications set by the O-RAN Alliance and accelerate development of O-RUs.

Keysight is committed to addressing the needs of an O-RU market that ABI Research predicts will be worth more than $47 billion by 2026. Kyocera uses Keysight’s Open RAN Studio software, which emulates an O-RAN compliant distributed unit, as well as Keysight’s UXA signal analyzer and VXG signal generator, to establish radio frequency (RF) measurements using both optical and Ethernet connections.

“We are pleased to provide Kyocera with solutions that verify interoperability and compliance to the latest O-RAN specifications,” said Giampaolo Tardioli, Vice President and General Manager of Keysight's network access group. “We are committed to supporting Kyocera in the development of network elements that perform cohesively as part of a heterogenous open radio access network.”

Keysight's Open RAN Studio software combines visibility, validation and performance test capabilities across radio frequency (RF) and protocol measurement domains. It is part of the company’s integrated solution portfolio of solutions that address test requirements from the edge of the RAN to the 5G core (5GC). End-to-end system testing helps to simplify complex multi-vendor network environments designed to deliver a wide range of connectivity service offerings.

As editor of O-RAN fronthaul conformance test specifications, Keysight is one of 230 organizations contributing to the development of the O-RAN standards. This expertise helps Kyocera and other vendors reliably verify performance of network elements.

A growing ecosystem of O-RUs, distributed units (O-DUs) and central units (CUs) vendors rely on Keysight's integrated hardware and software solutions to validate performance, establish interoperability between network elements and ensure compliance to the latest O-RAN specifications. Keysight’s wireless and wired expertise across the protocol stack, from the physical layer to the application layer, supports efficient testing of network elements in both the RAN and the 5GC. This helps mobile operators and service providers overcome challenges in systems integration, resulting in resilient cloud-native networks.

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