ETL Systems Launches Next-Generation Smart Modular Chassis for MEO and LEO Constellations

ETL Systems Launches Next-Generation Smart Modular Chassis for MEO and LEO Constellations

ETL Systems has launched its next generation of Genus RF distribution modular chassis, designed to make the leap to MEO and LEO constellations possible. MEO and LEO constellations are being driven forward by the likes of OneWeb, Telesat, Starlink and Amazon. 

Genus enables ETL’s products, including Falcon Frequency Converters, Alto Amplifiers and Stingray RF over Fibre, to be mixed and matched into a single compact chassis and to communicate intelligently and interoperably with the habitat they sit in. This helps satellite operators to improve link budgets and increase connectivity, scalability and flexibility to deliver a lower cost per bit for customers. Many direct benefits include easier cabling, lower power usage, greater rack density, plug and play functionality and SNMPv3 remote control. 

Almost all active elements are hot-swappable, which is critical for comms centers full of power-hungry devices, where requirements are constantly changing. Active components can be swapped or field replaced in a matter of minutes. 

ETL has re-engineered its whole RF product range, designing the Genus chassis with higher density, providing significant rack space savings and incorporating the latest security protocols including HTTPS and SNMPv3. 

The modular design, with multi-function mix and match RF equipment, frequency converters, amplifiers, switch matrices and RF over fibre technologies in the same chassis, means common spares provisioning and resilience. 

At the end of life, modules can be renewed without the need to replace entire units. This is especially important where low-cost units such as power supplies and fans can be easily replaced, becoming serviceable parts, whilst the RF system modules remain operational and software upgradeable. The chassis also tracks which modules are installed and records the operational history of the unit alongside other factors like heat, humidity, operational cycles and other important environmental and functional data.

Esen Bayar, ETL Systems Chief Executive Officer, said that Genus is a major step forward in ground-segment technology, building on their 25-year heritage of designing RF distribution equipment for the world’s satcom market. They are very proud of what they’ve achieved. They have been able to condense their product range to fit a new chassis, reducing existing module sizes down, maintaining or improving RF performance and adding new functionality with SNMPv3 and HTTPS secure protocols.

Bayar further stated “It has been critical throughout the design and implementation that our pillars of resilience and redundancy can translate in this new era for satellites. With that in mind, our engineers have made it possible that all active components can be serviced in-field, for greater flexibility and maintenance for our customers. We believe Genus is a blueprint for our industry, making the leap to MEO and LEO possible. In time we will be inviting partners and third-party providers to work with us on this journey. We can only achieve this forward step through greater standardization and collaboration between space and ground, partners and friendly competitors alike.”

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