Inpixon Introduces Active RF Tag for Long-Range RTLS Asset Tracking

Inpixon Introduces Active RF Tag for Long-Range RTLS Asset Tracking

Inpixon, an Indoor Intelligence company, has announced the launch of the Inpixon Asset Tag, a compact, active radio frequency (RF) tag for long-range, real-time location system (RTLS) asset tracking. The new tag, complete with IP65-rated housing, will come pre-configured and ready to use with Inpixon's 2.4 GHz chirp technology including nanoLOC, swarm bee, nanoANQ PCB anchor circuit board and the nanoLES location engine.

Suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use, the Inpixon Asset Tag is designed to track hospital equipment, tools, vehicles, robots, dangerous or sensitive materials, mobile storage compartments, maintenance yard equipment, and other high-value assets that need to be tracked or located quickly and definitively. Efficient asset management can deter theft, aid in loss recovery, identify workflow bottlenecks, ease inventory management, and increase asset utilization and worker productivity.

The Inpixon Asset Tag utilizes chirp radio-frequency technology and delivers a unique performance profile combining high accuracy, long operational range and interference resilience. The tag can achieve up to 300 meters in range with one-meter location precision. Additionally, the tag includes an integrated 3D accelerometer to sense movement, and its data transmission rate is configurable. This allows the tag to report its position more frequently when in motion, and less frequently, to conserve battery life, when not in motion. The tag's settings can be reconfigured wirelessly as the customer's needs or use cases change.

Adam Benson, CTO of Inpixon said that the Inpixon Asset Tag launch continues Inpixon’s steady stream of innovative RTLS product releases and complements their full-stack Indoor Intelligence solution. He also said that Market research firm MarketsandMarkets notes, 'The evolution of industrial internet of things (IIoT) has increased the demand for enterprise asset management (EAM) systems,' and that the market is expected to reach USD 5.5 billion by 2026. Adam believes Inpixon’s expanded RTLS solution portfolio, which has been designed to support large-scale, enterprise deployments and to track thousands of assets simultaneously, is well positioned to meet that increased demand.

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