Panasonic Integrates Wirepas Mesh Technology in its Bluetooth 5.0 Modules

Panasonic Integrates Wirepas Mesh Technology in its Bluetooth 5.0 Modules

Panasonic has integrated Wirepas - a patented advanced mesh topology into the PAN1780, a Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Module that is based on the Nordic Semiconductors nRF52840 single-chip controller. 

PAN1780’s high-quality hardware design paired with Wirepas’ multi-hop wireless mesh network allows broadcasting data reliably in connectionless scenarios. Wirepas’ easy-to-use connectivity and dynamic access point role feature enables a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for a number of large-scale industrial IoT applications. Additionally, Panasonic is adding Wirepas Massive to all of their existing certifications, tremendously reducing the final product certification process.

“We are utterly glad now having added another benefit to our PAN1780 module and being able to offer a comprehensive asset for mesh network-based IoT applications”, summarizes Pascal Meier from Panasonic Industry Europe Wireless Connectivity department in Ottobrunn near Munich. 

“Standing for highest design flexibility at lowest energy consumption in standalone mode, the PAN1780 is the ‘perfect vehicle’ for the groundbreaking Wirepas Massive technology – and suit most flexibly our customers’ requirements. At minimized total costs of ownership for next-gen IoT connectivity, for that matter!”

Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas, said “Wirepas believes in ecosystem play where the different strengths of partner companies come together for the customer’s benefit. The collaboration between Panasonic Industry and Wirepas is a great example of a joint offer that promises the utmost competitiveness. We are excited to work together with Panasonic Industry and help the market to find and trust recognized brands and well-working solutions.”

The PAN1780 module with Wirepas technology is ideal for energy-efficient, intelligent and long-range connectivity like smart lighting.

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