TMYTEK Integrates the Sivers Wireless 60 GHz RF Module in its New 5G FWA Product

TMYTEK Integrates the Sivers Wireless 60 GHz RF Module in its New 5G FWA Product

The BFM06009 60 GHz mmWave IC and antenna module from Sivers Wireless has been integrated into a new 60 GHz product from TMYTEK. TMYTEK is located in Taiwan, and provides mmWave solutions for FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), 5G and satellite communications for the global market. The units provided to TMYTEK will be a vital part of TMYTEKs development of a new 60 GHz product. 

The BFM06009 RF module is the latest Sivers 60 GHz antenna module and the only widely commercially available antenna module supporting the full 57-71 GHz band with two-dimensional beam steering. 

Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors said that they are very pleased to get this design win and their second order from TMYTEK this year. He also said that the BFM06009 targets the Fixed Wireless Access market and they are excited about the growth potential TMYTEK’s interest in their technology implies for their 5G mmWave products in both Asia and globally.

The BFM06009 is optimized for large scale broadband network deployments with 2D beam steering and superior link budget – further enabling operators maximum reach and effectively connecting more users per access point at longer distances than standard products – hence optimizing the business case for Wireless Internet Service Providers and others wanting to offer gigabit broadband.

Click here to learn more about the BFM06009 from Sivers Semiconductors.

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