Marki Microwave Introduces MMIC Gain Blocks

Marki Microwave Introduces MMIC Gain Blocks712370

Marki Microwave has introduced a new line of MMIC gain blocks that operate from DC to 14 GHz. The AKA series are cascadable InGaP HBT amplifiers with high P1dB, high OIP3, operate from a single positive supply. Marki Microwave bare die MMIC gain blocks provide high performance, wide bandwidth, and simplified application all in a very small footprint.

These gain blocks are available in four options with gain from 13 to 19 dB, P1dB up to +16 dBm, and consume less than 50 mA from a single positive supply. These amplifiers are packaged as small 0.40 x 0.43 mm wire-bondable chips and are compatible with obsolete InGaP gain blocks from other vendors. The wire-bondable chip is small, enabling integration into high-density multi-channel applications.

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AKA 1300

AKA 1300

Marki Microwave has been the premier manufacturer of microwave mixers worldwide for over two decades, offering the industry's most comprehensive line of signal processing products up to 110 GHz. Over the last decade, they have been growing their product line to include amplifiers, bias tees, filters, directional couplers, quadrature hybrids and power dividers.

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