German Automotive Supplier HELLA Acquires 10% Stake in Swedish Antenna Company

German Automotive Supplier HELLA Acquires 10% Stake in Swedish Antenna Company

Gapwaves has entered into a licensing and development agreement with time limited exclusivity with HELLA, one of the largest manufacturers of radars for the automotive industry. As part of the agreement, HELLA will invest over $20 Million USD in Gapwaves and get about 10% of the company. Over the past year, HELLA has evaluated Gapwaves’ technology through several design and prototype projects. By entering into this licensing agreement, HELLA receives the right to use Gapwaves’ patented technology for waveguide-based antennas within specific applications. Gapwaves will cooperate with HELLA in the development of radar antennas with an expected start of production in 2024.

Gapwaves is a worldwide market leader for waveguide-based antennas. By combining our competencies and implementing Gapwaves technology into our next generation of corner radar sensors based on 77 GHz, the performance will be significantly increased" says Michael Jaeger, Executive Board Member of the Business Division Electronics at HELLA, “This strategic partnership between Gapwaves and HELLA is an important step to develop cutting edge radar solutions to enable automated driving functions and thus to further strengthen our market position in this important growth area”.

HELLA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive radar. Through the development of more advanced active safety systems and self-driving vehicles, the market for automotive radar and higher-resolution radar sensors solutions is expected to increase sharply in the coming years.

This will drive demand for Gapwaves innovative technology, as it offers significant performance and cost advantages. The initial lead customer will be a German premium car brand, which secures Gapwaves’ ambition to get into a high-volume scenario.

“I am extremely proud that we have entered into the largest agreement and partnership in Gapwaves so far," says Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, CEO of Gapwaves. "This agreement clearly shows that Gapwaves antenna technology is a crucial and unique enabling component within the radar market in the automotive industry, a market segment with extremely high requirements. The fact that one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive radar chooses to license our technology and also invest in Gapwaves is a clear confirmation of the value we bring”, adds Mr Sjöqvist.

“This agreement is very gratifying in many ways for the company; a clear milestone, and a result of many years innovative technology development and hard work," says Jonas Ehinger, Chairman of the Board. "Gapwaves will benefit from the huge competence and experience that HELLA brings and we look forward to our future cooperation”, adds Mr Ehinger.

Gapwaves’ ability to enter into additional license agreements or to offer development services to customers on other types of vehicle radars such as front radar, imaging radar or in verticals such as “last mile deliveries” or traffic management is not affected by the agreement with HELLA.

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