TEVET Introduces Real-time Spectrum RF Record and Playback System for EW and 5G Applications

TEVET Introduces Real-time Spectrum RF Record and Playback System for EW and 5G Applications

TEVET, a premium test, and measurement supplier announced that they have acquired LibertyGT from RADX Technologies. LibertyGT is a real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) RF record and playback system that brings distinct flexibility and high precision to electronic warfare and 5G applications.

The real-time, signal-based nature of the LibertyGT family of software-defined synthetic instruments (SDSIs) means that it can acquire, analyze, and present results for unique measurements exponentially faster than traditional testing methods. Ideal for ATE systems integrators and volume end-users who need to develop, qualify, and deploy systems across multiple users and installations, LibertyGT is based on commercial technology to enable repeatability and reproducibility.

Software-Defined Synthetic Instrumentation Provides Flexibility and Performance

LibertyGT brings a flexible, COTS solution to real-time RF testing of threat response applications. Modular in nature, portable in size, and scalable by design, one LibertyGT can replace competitive rack-level systems that use separate record/playback technology and external storage systems with streamlined, all-in-one PXIe instrumentation. The platform includes RADX Trifecta-SSD, the industry's only SSD RAID module that can provide 64 terabytes of storage in a single PXIe slot.

Designed with application flexibility and programmability in mind, LibertyGT can be initially customized by TEVET for specific requirements and modules can be added as applications scale. The LibertyGT API supports NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand, C/C++, Python, and MATLAB via local and remote (TCP/IP) interface.

"We're committed to serving the DOD and DOE, prime contractors, and other Tier 1 suppliers with quality technology that lowers the barrier to entry – and LibertyGT provides one more way for us to do so," said Tracy Solomon, CEO of TEVET. "This proven platform brings cost-effective, high-throughput test capabilities to electronic warfare and 5G applications where speed, performance, flexibility, and future adaptability are mission-critical – and we're proud to offer it to our customers."

In addition, the server-based capabilities of LibertyGT allow engineers to now leverage PC and server technologies to enhance LibertyGT performance and overcome obsolescence in existing systems.

Frequency and Bandwidth Ranges Support a Wide Range of Applications

The LibertyGT platform features real-time signal analysis and multichannel RF record and playback for up to 16 synchronized channels. Optimized for wideband RF record and playback, it supports bandwidths from 50 MHz to 1 GHz. With this scalability and range, test engineers gain a flexible tool that can provide adaptability in identifying electronic warfare, 5G signals, and other new and emerging threats.

A Continued Commitment to Expanding Technical Capabilities

In 2020, TEVET expanded into a 150,000 square-foot headquarter space in Greenville, TN. With 137,000 square feet of warehouse and assembly space, TEVET can relieve customers of the kitting, staging of materials, assembly, and build-to-print functions that present logistical challenges for test and measurement system development.

Originally developed by RADX Technologies and distributed by TEVET, LibertyGT is now owned, produced, and supported by TEVET, further streamlining and providing ongoing support to new and existing LibertyGT customers.

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