Peraso Introduces High Performance mmWave Modules to Enable Multigigabit Links at 25 kms

Peraso Introduces High Performance mmWave Modules to Enable Multigigabit Links at 25 kms

Peraso Technologies a fabless semiconductor company developing mmWave semiconductor technology announced the immediate availability of the PRM2141 IEEE802.11ad/ay module. The device is fully tested to an over-the-air antenna input/output specification, thus relieving OEMs from the complexities of ensuring the integrity of the mmWave RF performance. In terms of performance, the phased array antenna is optimized for both a standalone device and for use with a parabolic reflector.

In a standalone configuration, the modules support a range of more than 500m. Additionally, the module supports beamforming and beam steering, thus allowing operators the ability to slightly adjust the direction of the beam to ensure optimal performance at such long distances.

Key features of the module include:

  • Fully integrated 802.11ad/ay MAC, PHY, mmWave radio and antenna
  • 57 to 71GHz operation with support for 1.08 GHz channel centers
  • 16 GHz and 1.08 GHz channel bandwidth
  • A 16-element integrated phased array antenna
  • Full 2D beam steering (+/-45 deg. in both azimuth and elevation)
  • Configurable beam tables optimized for use with both a parabolic reflector and standalone operation
  • 38 dBm EIRP with all 16-elements active
  • Automatic Rate Adaptation, Dynamic Beamforming, Automatic Calibrations
  • -87dBm receive sensitivity at 1 Gbps data rate (standalone operation)
  • 2 Gbps maximum data rate
  • USB 3.0 data and control interface
  • AES-128 encryption
  • Single 5V power supply input
  • 1PPS synchronization support
  • Compact 35mm x 50mm form factor

Ron Glibbery, CEO of Peraso said that the PRM2141 is the culmination of over a decade of experience in mmWave communications. This not only includes their experience in mmWave semiconductor devices, but also their custom phased array antenna technology, extensive real-time software, complex PCB implementation, and over-the-air test procedures. He further claimed that globally, no other vendor in the market can provide this level of aggregate skill when it comes to mmWave technology.

The PRM2141 can be used in a variety of applications. Some examples include PtP and PtMP links for fixed wireless access networks, private mmWave networks, 5G base station backhaul and V2X communications.

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