Sierra Wireless 5G Modules First to be Certified on Deutsche Telekom’s 5G Network

Sierra Wireless 5G Modules First to be Certified on Deutsche Telekom’s 5G Network

Sierra Wireless, a global IoT solutions provider, has announced that the EM9190 5G mmWave/Sub-6/LTE New Radio (NR) and EM9191 5G Sub-6/LTE NR embedded modules are the first to be fully certified to operate on Deutsche Telekom’s 5G public network and campus (private) networks in Europe. This certification will enable customers in Europe to leverage the higher data speeds, lower latency, and capacity of 5G with one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies.

Jens Olejak, Head of New Access Technologies, Deutsche Telekom IoT said that this is a significant milestone for 5G and the wider industry. He added that 5G is set to profoundly impact the mobile industry and its customers and Deutsche Telekom IoT is proud to be partnering with Sierra Wireless to deliver organizations the high-speed, reliable connectivity they need to digitally transform their operations.

With this certification, EM9190 and EM9191 customers can commercially deploy networking devices, computing devices and other connected products on Deutsche Telekom’s high speed and low latency 5G network for industrial applications, live video streaming, video security, high-definition cloud-based video gaming, extended reality (XR), robotics, and other next generation IoT applications.

Jim Ryan, SVP Partnerships, Marketing & IoT Solutions, Sierra Wireless said that this certification further demonstrates that when it comes to bringing 5G to the IoT, Sierra Wireless is leading the way. He added that when one combines Deutsche Telekom’s industry-leading 5G network with the EM9190 and EM9191 module’s industry-leading performance, robust security and industrial-grade design, along with Sierra Wireless’ decades of IoT experience and global presence, the answer to the question of which IoT solutions provider one should partner with as they map out their 5G future becomes clear – it’s Sierra Wireless.

Transforming IoT with 5G

5G’s higher data speeds, lower latency, and higher device capacity are set to transform the IoT market, enabling OEMs, advanced electronic, and other industrial companies to support enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable, low-latency communication and massive machine-type communication use cases that simply were not possible without 5G.

5G’s ability to support these new use cases is why in a recent report, McKinsey and Company state: “As new use cases gain traction, it is expected that B2B 5G IoT unit sales will soar… in the B2B sphere, we expect total revenue for 5G IoT modules to increase from about USD 180 million in 2022 to almost USD 10 billion by 2030.”

Modules Designed for Easy Integration, Private Networks, Global Connectivity

Based on the industry-standard M.2 form factor, the EM9190 and EM9191 modules are industrial-grade modules that enable OEMs, system integrators and other companies to easily integrate secure 5G connectivity into their products.

The EM9190 and EM9191 also include an embedded SIM (eSIM) based on GSMA’s embedded SIM specification, eUICC. This eSIM makes it easier for customers to switch networks anytime using carrier-specific profiles, for added IoT product deployment simplicity and flexibility.

As part of Sierra Wireless’ EM Series, the modules have been designed to connect to 5G networks around the world, and have already been certified by 5G mobile network operators in North America and other global regions.

The EM9190 and EM9191 modules are currently available globally from Sierra Wireless’ global network of partners.

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