MVG's SG System can now Determine BTS Antenna and RF Safety Parameters

MVG's SG System can now Determine BTS Antenna and RF Safety Parameters

MVG, a service and solution provider of antennas for EMC testing has introduced EMF Visual, an electromagnetic exposure simulation software. The software follows EN62232 standards that are usually required to provide information on RF exposure, including applicable compliance boundaries (exclusion area) to the end-user of the product. It is now possible to assess antenna compliance and RF safety parameters using the existing MVG SG system. A simple process allows the user to export BTS measurement data from an automated antenna measurement software suite to EMF Visual. 

EMF Visual Software allows the visualization of electromagnetic fields in a determined zone (near-field/far-field), taking into account the multiple emitters and their interaction with surrounding buildings. The fully upgraded software package offers new and enhanced features. It proposes an advanced mode that uses GPU resources to cover larger areas for exposure evaluation. It also enables the use of the GIS database or 3D objects conversion for direct loading of virtual 3D scenes while interfacing with SketchUp software.

The solution helps ensure base station antenna designs are compliant with the latest RF safety standardization parameters in three simple steps:

  • Perform the required antenna measurements using your existing MVG SG system.
  • Use MVG’s automated software to perform advanced processing and export the data.
  • Run the exported data through EMF Visual to display and export the electromagnetic exposure simulation results.

EMF Visual Highlights:

  • Determine the RF safety parameters of new BTS designs during R&D.
  • Use the RF exposure results as part of the assessment report for EN 62232.

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