Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces a Faster, Easier and More Cost Effective Path to Get Wi-Fi CERTIFIED

Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces a Faster, Easier and More Cost Effective Path to Get Wi-Fi CERTIFIED

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced QuickTrack, a new certification path that provides a simpler, lower cost option to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED product certification. QuickTrack allows Wi-Fi Alliance members to build products based on Qualified Solutions – modules, chipsets, and other solutions which have undergone prerequisite testing. Using the QuickTrack path, end product developers may pursue Wi-Fi certification by testing new, innovative Wi-Fi products based on trusted Qualified Solutions designed to meet industry-agreed Wi-Fi CERTIFIED requirements.

QuickTrack enables Wi-Fi product vendors to introduce quality devices into the market faster. The new QuickTrack certification path lowers testing costs and reduces the time needed to complete Wi-Fi certification testing. By relying on Qualified Solutions which have already completed Wi-Fi functionality testing, QuickTrack builds upon the testing already completed for core Wi-Fi components. QuickTrack also offers the convenience of testing at a member’s own testing site, or at an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL).

Kevin Robinson, SVP of Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance said that 'Wi-Fi CERTIFIED' provides companies tailored testing options to deliver the highest quality Wi-Fi, whether certifying an enterprise-class access point or the latest Internet of Things gadget. He also said that the Wi-Fi Alliance is excited to offer QuickTrack, enabling solution providers to deliver great value to their customers by jump-starting the end product certification process and empowering end product developers to integrate industry-standard testing into their ongoing quality programs to ensure products meet Wi-Fi CERTIFIED requirements throughout their lifetime.”

To meet the diverse needs of more than 800 member companies, Wi-Fi Alliance now offers three paths to certify Wi-Fi products. These paths accommodate multiple product development approaches – from creating a product design built from original components to branding products designed and manufactured by another entity. Wi-Fi Alliance members will find the right testing and certification path to meet their needs, with tools that support variation in testing methods and test location options. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED paths include:

  • QuickTrack (newest option): Tailored to products based on suppliers’ solutions that have already completed core Wi-Fi functionality testing as part of a Qualified Solution. QuickTrack allows targeted modifications to Wi-Fi components and functionality. Testing is completed in-house at the member’s testing site or at an ATL.
  • FlexTrack: Tailored to highly differentiated products designed from the ground up. FlexTrack allows extensive flexibility in product design, including Wi-Fi functionality customization and optimization. Testing is completed at an ATL.
  • Derivative: Tailored to product portfolios where multiple products use identical Wi-Fi designs, such as multiple television models with the same Wi-Fi module or appliances designed by one vendor for distribution under other vendors’ brands. Members apply for certification of derivative products without the requirement to complete testing.

Member companies providing the first Qualified Solutions which serve as the basis for creating and certifying other products through QuickTrack include ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd, Intel, Microchip and Qualcomm Technologies. The first products certified using the new QuickTrack method include the Midea IoT Application from Midea Group, which will be used as a source to certify millions of secure, interoperable IoT and smart appliances in China, and the PIC32MZ-W1 Wi-Fi SoC and Module Family from Microchip. SRTC is the first Authorized Test Lab supporting QuickTrack certification for members.

Click here to learn more about the QuickTrack Program.

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