RFS Showcased its 5G-Ready Solutions at the Virtual MWC 21 Event - View it Now

RFS Showcased its 5G-Ready Solutions at the Virtual MWC 21 Event - View it Now

Global designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), hosted a virtual exhibit for its MWC 21 product demonstrations, showcasing the 5G ready range and expert talks on the industry’s biggest challenges. MWC Barcelona 2021 took place as a hybrid event in the last week of June.

As 5G rollouts ramp up, RFS has continued to develop solutions, working closely with customers, to tackle the issues associated with the next generation of mobile connectivity. Counting tier one operators as customers in 5 continents, RFS has listened to 5G pain points and evolved and expanded its portfolio to address both the immediate challenges they face with roll outs, but also deliver the futureproofing that is necessary to maximize ROI and ensure 5G is seen as a successful network generation.

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As an end-to-end provider of wireless solutions, RFS’s portfolio spans the entire wireless infrastructure eco-system with dedicated solutions that address 5G challenges in every environment: 

Macro Site 

RFS is helping MNOs address 5G roll-out challenges with a new single, compact antenna that requires less space, alleviates the need for tower reinforcements and supports all services from 2G to 5G. At MWC RFS will debut the super-slim antenna with features including an innovative radome design that reduces wind loading by up to 25%. Supporting 3GPP frequency bands from 600 MHz to 5 GHz and combining FDD and TDD technologies as needed, it enables network expansion without the headache of footprint extension. 

Microwave Links

Following the launch of the market’s first dual band solution for microwave backhaul in 2019, RFS has expanded the range of Microwave links it offers to deliver guaranteed performance for microwave backhaul in every environment from rural to urban and from desert to high wind, high ice. 


With 41% of global metro sites using RFS equipment, RADIAFLEX cable is a staple for in-tunnel environments. During MWC week, RFS will launch new 5G-ready Vario cable featuring a gradually changing slot pattern along the radiating cable to minimize in-tunnel losses and deliver the high-performance 5G necessary to support the growing trend for driverless trains.


RFS will demonstrate its newly expanded range of indoor solutions for 5G delivery. The in-building team combines planning and installation services to design in-building DAS and DRS deployments with a broad portfolio that prioritizes scalability, futureproofing and fire-resistant cable to ensure solutions that keep delivering. 

Urban Solution 

The physical challenges of 5G make rollouts more challenging than any other network generation and as operators embrace mmWave, the challenges only become more acute. RFS is ready with a broad range of solutions to tackle all the physical hurdles associated with delivering 5G in urban environments, while also prioritizing the need for concealment of equipment that is an essential part of smart city strategies. 

According to Monika Maurer, CEO at RFS, although the team did not make its annual pilgrimage to Barcelona this year, they are thrilled that every expert they have in-house at RFS is able to be involved in demonstrating the technical leaps they are making to support customers in their 5G evolution. The team has spent the past 12 months focusing on the innovation that has been part of RFS’s life blood since 1900 and ensuring that the technologies brought to market are not band-aid solutions to solve immediate issues, but will stand the test of time for operators and deliver for their customers.

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