Teledyne LeCroy Launches a One-Box Protocol Analyzer for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Thread

Teledyne LeCroy Launches a One-Box Protocol Analyzer for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Thread

Teledyne LeCroy, a worldwide protocol test solutions provider, has announced the Frontline X500 wireless protocol analyzer, a one-box solution providing time-correlated captures of Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR), Extended Data Rate (EDR), Low Energy (LE), Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) and 802.15.4-based technologies such as Zigbee and Thread.

Multiple wireless communication standards have proliferated into Internet-of-things (IoT), automotive, smart cities and buildings, and consumer electronics. The roll-out of technologies like mesh networks, location-based services, new audio codecs, as well as the addition of new frequency bands allow for new and improved applications and services, but also add complexity to the design and test of devices used in these wireless networks. To debug and validate the integration of multiple wireless technologies, design and test engineers require flexible protocol test tools capable of testing multiple wireless technologies simultaneously to ensure connectivity, performance, and interoperability with other systems.

Mark Powell, CEO, Bluetooth SIG said that with nearly five billion Bluetooth enabled devices shipping annually, the Bluetooth ecosystem relies on test and measurement equipment to validate designs for interoperability and conformance. He also said that he is pleased to see companies like Teledyne LeCroy continue to aid Bluetooth developers in testing and troubleshooting devices as they create exciting new Bluetooth enabled innovations across the world.

The Frontline X500 wideband and multi-radio design, coupled with Teledyne LeCroy's Wireless Protocol Suite software, delivers reliable capture, decryption and decoding in complex multi-technology test environments, with support for the latest Wi-Fi technologies: the Frontline X500 is designed to capture and display full wireless protocol frames of Wi-Fi 5, (802.11ac, up to four clients Multiple input Multiple Output) and Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax, up to two clients Multiple input Multiple Output) in a time-correlated view. Such coexistence analysis helps to reveal potential issues, errors, interference, or conflicts in the wireless trace, as well as to identify device performance enhancement opportunities. Additional flexibility comes from its ability to analyze the latest audio codecs that run over Bluetooth LE, as well as its 24-channels of logic analysis, capability to capture synchronously with other Teledyne LeCroy protocol analyzers, and software APIs for test automation.

The Frontline X500 Wireless Protocol Analyzer is now available.

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