BAE Systems Selects Spirent Federal CRPA Test System for M-code GPS Development

BAE Systems Selects Spirent Federal CRPA Test System for M-code GPS Development

BAE Systems has selected Spirent Federal Systems to provide a CRPA (Controlled Reception Pattern Antennas) Test System to support M-code military GPS technology development. BAE Systems is developing an advanced military GPS receiver and improving the capabilities of size-constrained and power-constrained military GPS applications, including precision-guided munitions and handheld devices. Spirent Federal is uniquely qualified to provide essential test equipment and support in the pursuit of resilient, accurate PNT data in GPS-degraded Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) situations.

The Spirent CRPA Test System is a development of the unrivaled GSS9000 Series platform and can test:

CRPAs provide proven and effective protection against jamming in high-interference environments. The Spirent CRPA Test System can simulate 16+ individual elements with a separate RF output per antenna element. For the 16-element test system, concurrent simulation of GNSS signals, signals from spoofers and/or repeaters, and interference from multiple jammers—including BFEA jamming waveforms—results in over 1,000 simultaneous independent channels/signals simulated across a phase-calibrated precise wavefront.

“The CRPA Test System is the culmination of over 35 years of R&D and industry leadership and is perfectly positioned to help with next-generation MGUE modernization. Our robust M-code test capabilities support BAE Systems’ advances in M-code technology,” said Ellen Hall, President/CEO of Spirent Federal.

Spirent can provide GNSS and interference signal simulation solutions for every stage in the CRPA design and verification process.

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