CAES to Develop RF Rotary Joints and Waveguide Products for a US Missile Defense Program

CAES to Develop RF Rotary Joints and Waveguide Products for a US Missile Defense Program

CAES, a leading provider of mission-critical electronic solutions, has been awarded multiple contracts to provide RF and microwave rotary joints and waveguide products for an advanced US missile defense program. CAES rotary joints and waveguides will be integrated into the system’s missile seeker, providing industry-leading performance and reliability.

Mike Kahn, CAES President and CEO said that when a system must perform in high-stakes situations such as missile defense, customers come to CAES for their engineering and manufacturing expertise in this area. He further continued to say that they are proud to work with this valued customer to provide high performance, low SWaP (size, weight, and power) RF technologies for missile seekers.

Used extensively in government and industry applications for over 50 years, CAES has produced thousands of designs for rotary joints which provide the vital link between the stationary and movable parts of a missile seeker, with little to no distortion. CAES rotary joints are characterized by unlimited rotation, long life, high reliability, excellent RF performance and low torque.

Having pioneered waveguide innovation for over four decades, CAES solutions improve the reliability of transmission and reception to enhance the overall performance of missile seekers. Covering frequency bands from a few hundred megahertz to over 100 gigahertz, CAES waveguides can be customized to create integrated assemblies that serve as a complete modular transmit/receive a device. CAES additionally specializes in custom structural solutions and integrated waveguides from cast to 3D printed to hybrid.

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