Low Profile RF Cable Assemblies from SV Microwave Protect against Overbending

Low Profile RF Cable Assemblies from SV Microwave Protect against Overbending

SV Microwave has developed the Low Profile RF cable assemblies with a unique ferrule design that can protect cables from overbending. The design ensures a shorter distance from the front of the coupling nut to the back of the cable bend. The ferrule is ideal for preventing overbending under various mechanical exertions and therefore protects cables from defects like damaged cable braids, kinked cable, and poor RF performance. This ensures a better lifespan and lesser maintenance or replacement in systems; which leads to fewer rework costs in the long run.

The Low Profile RF cable assemblies use cables that have a 0.086" aperture with phase matching of ± 1/2° per GHz.

In a bend-performance test, two 12 inch Low Profile SMA RF cable assemblies were analyzed. The important RF device parameters like VSWR (Figure 3), insertion loss (Figure 4) and phase over frequency (Figure 5) were recorded with different degrees of bend in a cable with the assembly.

Figure 6 and Figure 7 demonstrate a Low Profile RF cable assembly in a straight configuration and bent at a 90 degree angle. In each data set, all cable assemblies - both straight and bent - maintained consistent RF performance.

Key Features of the Low Profile RF cable assemblies 

  • Immediate bends exiting the connector
  • Lowest profile on the market
  • Ferrule supports cable to eliminate damage
  • Terminates to all standard Ø.086” cable types
  • Permits ± 1/2° per GHz phase matching

The Low Profile Cable Assemblies are ideal for making connections between modules, phased array systems and can be used inside modules/systems with tight spacing.

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