Intelliconnect Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Intelliconnect Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Intelliconnect celebrated its milestone of completing 20 years since its formation. From very humble beginnings in the corner of a warehouse in Chelmsford, manufacturing low voltage lighting as well as RF connectors they have grown to an expected sales level of around £7m in 2021.

Intelliconnect was born when Labcraft Ltd., a leading brand of LV lighting offered to fund 50% of the venture in exchange, when the idea of Intelliconnect was just brewing, to take on the assembly of their lighting.

The early days were primarily sustained by business from Microtek Ltd. and Rhophase, a cable assembly house in Corby, Northants. Both companies, in different ways, maintained an important role in the development of Intelliconnect.

As time moved on, Intelliconnect developed their customer base and Labcraft decided to change its business model and take manufacturing in-house. This led to a restructuring and Intelliconnect was ‘set-free’ in 2007.

Manufacturing continued for some time based in a well appointed garage belonging to then Manufacturing Director, Phill Skingsley until in 2012 when Rhophase, which had been acquired by a large multinational cable/connector business, moved their manufacturing to Blackburn and consequently almost all of the Corby staff were made redundant. This allowed Intelliconnect to employ some key staff and start to seriously manufacture cable assemblies. In 2013 They opened their first factory in Corby with 2 employees. Intelliconnect now has three factories and employs 15 people on that site as well as 8 in their Sales and R&D office in Chelmsford. Including the US operation, they now employ a total of 31 people.

Design solutions, Innovation and agile design/manufacturing have always been touchstones in the DNA of Intelliconnect. Since the inception of the business in 2003, they have created an extensive portfolio of custom connectors, adaptors and other products for a wide variety of client briefs.

From ground-breaking ingress protection systems capable of working at 300psi to 3000 mating cycle ultra-durable sub-miniature connector suite for cochlear implants to award-winning solderless 2.92 mm connectors to their brand new high density connector system for cryogenic quantum computing applications, Intelliconnect’s design teams in the UK and US are constantly creating, adapting and refining design projects for their customers.

Intelliconnect’s design offering is unique in the RF connector/component space. They design in days, prototype in weeks and do not charge NRE and pre-production samples with production orders.

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