Mini Circuits Introduces Testing Equipment that Adapts to Changing Requirements

Mini Circuits Introduces Testing Equipment that Adapts to Changing Requirements

Mini-Circuits has developed the ZTM Series modular test system for test and measurement applications. This system is available in a standardized, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis with six windows on the front panel so that the user can add their choice of switches, programmable attenuators, and other hardware modules. The test system has hand-flex cables that can be used to connect hundreds of possible routing configurations.

Key features of ZTM Series test system

  • Users can configure using mechanical SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, and transfer switches.
  • Programmable attenuators - 30, 60, 90, 110, and 120 dB.
  • It can be controlled via USB and Ethernet-TCP/IP (HTTP and Telnet protocols), allowing setup flexibility and easy remote test management.

The system is designed with complete flexibility to replace old hardware and swap out one component for another without returning equipment to the factory for service. Mini-Circuits provides replacement hardware modules, detailed instructions, and support from our engineers to get your new configuration up and running.

What led to the development of this system?

A wireless communications equipment manufacturer needed a switching system for signal routing in a test application. Their needs were diverse and they were looking for versatility in a system to get more value out of their capital investment over the long run. While there were several options on the market for custom and off-the-shelf solutions that would have met their immediate requirement, they wanted to avoid purchasing another system when their needs inevitably changed. Mini-Circuits produced a wide range of products for different types of systems, from military communications to SatCom, GPS, and more.

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