Filtronic Designs Low-Power Switched Filter Bank from DC to 110 GHz

Filtronic Designs Low-Power Switched Filter Bank from DC to 110 GHz

Filtronic develops and integrates RF solutions for mission-critical environments. They partner with clients by offering design, manufacture and test of high-performance RF devices & sub-systems. They have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing switched filter banks. They can develop Switched Filter Bank that operates from DC to 110 GHz with designs optimized to minimize switching times and have very low power consumption. The filter banks improve overall performance, including better insertion loss, flatness and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

Switched Filter Banks consist of a combination of switches and filters integrated into a single module. Integrating filter and switch components in a single module eliminates transitions between circuits, providing for optimal matching. They also help save a considerable amount of board space as all components are integrated into a single module. 

Filtronic are radio frequency experts, working with clients to solve complex RF, microwave and mmWave challenges. They have a track record of providing high performance, customized solutions within critical communication sectors spanning over 40 years. Their products are critical to a range of challenging applications including telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defense, HAPS & LEO, test & measurement, and emergency first-responder communications.

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