AirFuel Releases No-Cost Source Code License for Resonant BLE Communication Protocol

AirFuel Releases No-Cost Source Code License for Resonant BLE Communication Protocol

AirFuel Alliance, a leading authority on next-generation wireless power technology and standards, announces that member company, GPHY, has released a no-cost source code license for AirFuel Resonant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) firmware that facilitates seamless communication across the wireless power ecosystem.

AirFuel Resonant wireless charging can deliver power to multiple receivers from a single transmitter – even when devices have different power requirements. This functionality is accomplished utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy firmware.

Anthony Blais, Co-Founder, and CEO of GPHY shared, "The challenge of integrating AirFuel Resonant technology into products is real, and that includes the addition of a Bluetooth chip into devices to facilitate wireless power transfer. BLE firmware is an easy add-on that makes it possible to go to market quickly. We initially developed this firmware to enable a communications protocol for consumer electronics, laptops, and phones, but the AirFuel Resonant specification makes it easy to apply the code to other product applications such as drones and robotics."

GPHY, a leader in wireless charging for laptops, developed and tested the AirFuel Resonant BLE communication protocol framework to be compatible with the NRF52 series and FreeRTOS. To support the development of AirFuel-certified devices, GPHY is offering a firmware license at no cost to AirFuel Alliance members. Other wireless power companies can license the code and access support and services at a low cost.

Addressing the impact of widely available BLE firmware on the future of wireless charging, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, President, and Chairman of AirFuel Alliance, stated, "The BLE firmware GPHY is releasing today supports a communications protocol that is broadly applicable to many product sets. For companies who are focused on Resonant-enabled product deployment, it reduces development costs, drastically cuts time to market, and reduces the need for in-house technical talent."

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