TCL Using Keysight mmWave OTA Test Solutions to Accelerate 5G Device Validation in Manufacturing

TCL Using Keysight mmWave OTA Test Solutions to Accelerate 5G Device Validation in Manufacturing

Keysight Technologies announced that TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (TCL) has selected the company’s integrated mmWave over-the-air (OTA) test solution to accelerate 5G device validation in manufacturing.

TCL has expanded the use of Keysight 5G device test solutions to gain access to mmWave OTA wide-band non-signaling test capabilities. These include verifying key parameters such as transmitter output power levels and ratio of power leaking into adjacent channels. Keysight’s compact, integrated solution enables TCL to address a wide range of manufacturing test requirements by supporting multiple bandwidth options in frequency range 2 (FR2).

“We are pleased to provide TCL with 5G device test solutions across the workflow, from design and development validation to manufacturing test,” said Chih-Kai Wu, Director of Manufacturing Solutions in Keysight’s wireless test business. “Keysight’s scalable mmWave test solution enables TCL to cost-effectively verify the performance of multiple devices in parallel, reducing test cycles in manufacturing.”

TCL designs 5G devices with wider bandwidth support in FR2, providing users access to advanced 5G applications that require wider bandwidths to quickly transfer large quantities of data between the device and the 5G base station.

Keysight’s scalable and integrated 5G mmWave OTA device test solution enables TCL to flexibly verify a large volume of 5G devices with variable bandwidth support,” said Xu Dai, Director of Industry Management Center at TCL Communication. “High test throughput enables us to accelerate the validation process and confidently bring products to market that comply to our design specifications.”

Keysight’s mmWave OTA test solution for 5G device validation in manufacturing combines the E6681A EXM-WB Wireless Test Set with one or several M1740A remote radio heads (RRHs) and a rack-mounted test chamber (RMTC). Users can easily upgrade bandwidth support, from 300 MHz to 1.2 GHz, to meet test requirements for mmWave devices up to 43.5 GHz, equipped with wider bandwidths of 200 MHz and 400 MHz. Keysight’s mmWave transceiver RRHs support flexible signaling and non-signaling bi-directional testing across any 3GPP-defined band in FR2.

By combining Keysight’s mmWave OTA test solution with Keysight software tools PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications and PathWave Signal Generation (Signal Studio), TCL can verify key parameters such as effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), total radiated power (TRP), adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR), spurious emissions mask (SEM) and error vector magnitude (EVM). Keysight’s PathWave software tools and RRHs are commonly used across the device design, validation and optimization workflow.

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