RFMW to Provide Design and Sales Support for Unictron Antenna Modules

RFMW to Provide Design and Sales Support for Unictron Antenna Modules

RFMW is now providing design and sales support for Unictron (formerly SANAV) antenna modules. Unictron Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a leading provider of antennas, antenna modules, and piezoelectric ceramic elements in Taiwan. Founded in 1988, Unictron started out as an electronic components distributor in Taipei, Taiwan. Their two major product groups are antennas and antenna modules for wireless communications and piezoceramic elements for devices used in our daily life and various industrial applications.

The company most recently introduced the Unictron AM-25, a small form factor, Active GPS Antenna module, with full CE approval for use within the European Market for L1 applications. The high gain (28 dB) antenna assembly operates from a 2.5 V supply and contains passive filtering for improved selectivity. With a 1.5 dB noise figure and excellent gain performance almost to the horizon, The AM-25 will provide the user with coverage within foliage or urban canyon environments. CE certification approval offers an ideal solution for the designer who is in a hurry and requires the security that his product will meet the emissions standards required by the market. Customer-specific cable lengths and connector options are available upon request.

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