R&S Introduces Graphical Scripting Tool for Automated 5G Testing Applications

R&S Introduces Graphical Scripting Tool for Automated 5G Testing Applications

Rohde & Schwarz introduced a graphical scripting interface that creates, configures, and executes test scripts on the R&S CMX500 radio communications tester. The R&S CMsequencer provides unique and intuitive ways to create test sequences for a wide range of test use cases, including 5G RF parametric testing, 3GPP RF testing, protocol verification, and E2E IP testing. R&S CMsequencer makes it simple to create and execute test scripts and test plans in an automated environment.

R&S CMsequencer is part of R&S CMsquares, the powerful R&S CMX500 user interface, and control center. R&S CMsequencer simplifies workflows and helps create and execute test scripts and test plans and displays the execution results.

Key benefits of R&S CMsequencer:

  • Software: The world of software is trending towards web applications. R&S CMsequencer and R&S CMsquares interactive mode are web-based applications and can work on any operating system.
  • Test Coverage: In RF parametric tests, 3GPP RF tests, throughput tests, mobility tests, failure scenarios, or any combination of them – R&S CMsequencer provides a single location for creating and executing tests.
  • Automated Campaign Management: R&S CMsequencer has sophisticated features to create test campaigns, automate DUT handling during remote execution, and result collection, including 3D measurements charts for FR2.
  • Control External Equipment: OTA chambers for FR2 testing, power supplies for battery life testing, or other external equipment – R&S CMsequencer makes controlling and handling external equipment easy.
  • Automatic Dual Band Combination Test: Effortless scanning through all DUT-supported band combinations and verifying KPIs (RF, Tput, etc.) in each band combination.

R&S CMsequencer is embedded in the R&S CMsquares web interface concept from Rohde &Schwarz, where it introduces users to seamless and uniform testing in both interactive and graphical scripting modes.

R&S CMsequencer offers blocks to thoroughly verify RF parametric DUT tests for more R&D-focused RF applications. Transmission and receiver characteristic tests, such as EVM, spurious emissions, RX sensitivity are just a block away from R&S CMsequencer. Sweeping channels, bands, bandwidth, and TX/RX testing for every iteration is greatly simplified with R&S CMsequencer. Fast frequency change allows the time-optimized performance of such sweep tests.

Verification of high-level KPIs such as E2E throughput, audio tests, or battery-life tests is extremely important for 5G DUTs. To fulfill these testing needs, R&S CMsequencer offers blocks and functions to automatically verify such high-level KPIs.

Features such as carrier aggregation (CA) with E2E IP level throughput (TCP/UDP), VoNR, EPS fallback to LTE, battery consumption monitoring, and audio codec tests can be easily created and tested with R&S CMsequencer. Additional equipment for testing these functions can be handled directly by R&S CMsequencer. This can all be done from the comfort of the R&S CMsequencer for external equipment configuration and control. Test reports can log all the data generated during the tests, as tables and charts or graphs.

The R&S CMsequencer shuffler function can help with automatic iteration across the bands and band combinations reported by the DUT. This drastically reduces user time and effort and the number of test scripts needed to test RF and protocol functions for all supported combinations.

Test script execution can be tracked in R&S CMXmars. Simplified views of the message sequencer chart, user equipment capability views and detailed views of message content trees help make sense of the test execution in real-time. Of course, the same message log is available offline and can be downloaded along with the measurement report.

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