ZTE Completes Commercial Verification of 5G Intelligent Orchestration Radio Network

ZTE Completes Commercial Verification of 5G Intelligent Orchestration Radio Network

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, in partnership with the Yunnan Branch of China Telecom, has completed commercial verification of the intelligent orchestration radio network in Kunming, southwestern China’s Yunnan province.

With an AI engine, the verification has realized the change from "network-centric" to "user-centric." Through user orchestration and network orchestration, the Yunnan Branch of China Telecom has achieved premium user experiences and maximized network traffic, while significantly improving 5G network benefits and user experiences in multi-mode and multi-band networks.

The test results show that intelligent orchestration network solution has greatly enhanced 5G user experiences. While the number of 4G users and traffic remain the same, the 5G user access rate has increased by 18%~129%. The overall 4G network KPIs have kept stable before and after intelligent orchestration functions were enabled. In addition, while the experience of migrated users remains unchanged, the network service capabilities have also been strengthened and the operation cost has been reduced.

With the gradual commercialization of 5G networks, high-quality 5G experience has become the basis for continuous development of 5G users, release of 5G network potential, as well as improvement of 5G network value and economic benefits. With a focus on precise user experience in differentiated 5G service scenarios, ZTE proposed the industry's first intelligent orchestration radio network solution in 2021. On the basis of intrinsic intelligence of base stations, the solution implements flexible orchestration of network service capabilities through user orchestration and network orchestration, thereby providing precise network capabilities and optimal user experiences.

In the future, 5G evolution will further present the trend of "network being service-based, service being scenario-based, intelligence being scenario-based, and BBU intrinsic". ZTE and China Telecom will further strengthen cooperation, and continuously promote the evolution of intelligent orchestration capabilities through utility-driven, cross-domain empowerment, joint orchestration and digital twin evolution, to create a scenario-based adaptive intelligent orchestration network with premium network performance and user experiences.

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  • Country: Taiwan
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